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Can you believe November is here already??? Time to start planning the big feast, getting out the winter clothes and pulling together the naughty and nice lists. It’s also time for our Annual General Meeting. It will be on December 4th at 8:30pm. I know it’s a little late but come out for the Generations Town Hall meeting right before and make it a night at the Temple. The Town Hall Meeting starts at 6:30pm and light appetizers will be served.

Our Annual General Meeting is for You, the Sangha. As a non profit, once a year, we must get our members together to give them an update on the overall church’s status. It will include a financial update, VP reports from their respective organizations and other important committee reports. While it may sound boring, it is not. I’m sure each one of you belongs to some Temple organization and are also interested in what else is going on at the Church. This is a great one-stop-shop opportunity. Many of you have expressed an interest in the Church’s Finances, especially with the Generations Capital Campaign starting. I’ve heard comments like…”the church is very rich, why do we need to donate” or “we make so much money at Obon” or “gosh, membership dues are high.” Well…truth of the matter is, we run in the red every year and need Obon profits to help offset the deficit. This has been the case for many years and with a declining membership, things will get worse. We have started to put financial controls in place to help reduce our spending but do not want to eliminate community projects or key services the Temple provides. This is why one of our main strategic goals is to build Membership. We will explain more at the General Meeting but if you have questions, please email me at

On a lighter note, Marlene Tersaki found the quote I wrote about last month. It’s from the 1956 grand opening of the Annex. I will donate the $10 to the Generations Campaign in her honor. Nice Job!!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you all at the Town Hall and General Meeting.

In Gassho,

Todd Tsudama