What did you think about the Kickoff???? (hint, not the 49er one)

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Thanks to everyone who came to Organization day and our Generations Capital Campaign kickoff event. It was nice to see some familiar faces and all the kids. What a great way to start off a new Dharma school year. For those who didn’t make it, I presented an overview of what the Generations Capital Campaign is. It’s a $10M campaign over 5 years to raise funds to renovate the Annex/Gym and rebuild the Education Bldg to meet our current and future needs. First and foremost, we are bringing our buildings up to current Seismic Standards to ensure our Sangha and Community will have a safe location to meet, hear the Dharma and enjoy each other’s company. As you may know, the Annex is over 50 years old and has reached its life expectancy, which is why we need to replace all of the Electrical, Water and Plumbing. While doing this we will also renovate the Kitchen, Bathrooms and make the Annex more accessible by installing an elevator in the lobby.

We are planning to hold a ‘Town Hall Meeting’ soon to answer any follow up questions but feel free to email me at Hanahou2@yahoo.com with any question, concerns or comments.

I’m very excited to start another new year at the Church. Seeing all the kids running around, catching up with everyone and hearing about their summer vacations reminds me of why church is so special. I can’t imagine where I would be without these people and Church in my life. I was pleasantly surprised when 2 Fresno Jr YBA kids (who are now going to SJ State) came to our first service. I saw them the weekend before at the CC Jr YBA Volleyball social and told them to come. Little did I know they would show up! And like good Buddhist from the Valley, the first thing they wanted to do is help out. They gave us their contact info and are ready to jump right it. That truly made my day. It’s events like this that keep me motivated to get the renovation project done. This is a prime example of who are doing this for. Fast forward 10-15 years and they will be bringing their kids to Lotus and Dharma school, then CYS, Jr YBA and the cycle continues…..

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, pls let me know.

In Gassho,

Todd Tsudama (that’s for you Hane)

PS-Have a safe and happy Halloween and O-Higan