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I can’t say enough THANK YOU’s to all the Volunteers and everyone who helped make this year’s Obon another Success!!!
A special thanks to Jim McClure, George Yamaichi, the BWA, obon chairs and our retiring Game booth guy Henry Fujii. Thanks to Janice Oda for stepping up to take over from Henry, we’re in good hands. I know there’s many more people who helped out, so pls don’t be offended if I didn’t mention your name. Buy me a beer next year and I’ll put you in for sure 
After reviewing the preliminary numbers, looks like we made about the same amount as last year. This is purely from a gross revenue perspective (for the finance people out there) and we haven’t received all the costs yet, so stay tuned for the final net profit numbers. I was very happy to see this as it didn’t seem as crowded this year and am not sure if it’s because there were 2 other competing events in San Jose or the weather. Either way, it was nice. People could make their way through the food court pretty easily, the lines moved well and most importantly, the dance lines moved. Since we had a little more room down 5th st, Jim and Dennis extended the dance circle and that really helped. I thought I heard we had 1200 dancers on Sat and 800 on Sunday. I was at Mt View Obon on Sunday and they had 500 dancers with the help of the visiting Salt Lake City Jr YBA and the announcer said “watch out San Jose, we catching up.” I had a nice laugh. (sorry my competitive side is showing…gonna get bachi for that one)
Speaking of Dancing, I had the honor to be on the satellite Yagura’s on Sat/Sunday. Thanks again to Mary, Francis and Sumi for asking me. The highlight of Sunday night and the talk of the town was when little Tyler M joined us for the last few songs. He had approached me at a couple practices and wanted to show me his moves. I was very impressed and made him a deal, if he could show me all the steps to the Tanko Bushi, he could come up on the Yagura. He nailed it and even had the ‘look back’ move when you wipe the sweat off. Little did I know he was lobbying Reiko too, I think we’ve already found the Temple president for the year of 2055!
Also, thanks to everyone for being such a good sport and patient while I went on a ‘selfie spree’. I think everyone had a good time with it and here are some of those pics. I will also post them to the Temple facebook page. Here’s a few of the Obon Pics. Have a great rest of the summer, good luck to all the College and high school freshman and enjoy everyday like it’s your last!!
Thanks for reading.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama, your Board President

Tyler M and his Yagura Dancers The Main Yagura. Was so happy to see Cindy up there!

San Jose Jr YBA in the House!! Our very own SJ Chidori band

Repping San Jose Betsuin Judo Rev Sakamoto leading the way