Thank you and goodbye….Part deux (for you Hot Shots! Movie fans)

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Well I guess this is it. It’s been a fun ride and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. For anyone who is thinking about joining the Board, please do. It’s not the Board of old, where the meetings last 4 hours and nothing gets decided. We shoot for a 2 hour meeting and have been trying to push minor decisions to the committee level so we can reserve the precious Board time for the Major decisions or items that affect the entire Sangha. I know now days, there are so many activities that our kids are involved in like sports, school stuff or more sports than when we grew up and time is so valuable but if we don’t make time for the ‘right stuff’, we may regret it later. We also need to set an example for our kids. We need to give back to the community in order for it to remain intact and be here in a similar or same shape we experienced it in. If we don’t get involved, we are destined to live in yet another plain jane suburb with the Starbucks on the corner and Target on the other. Get involved in any JTown organization (preferably the church) so it will be here for our grandkids. All you have to do is go up to San Francisco or LA and see what those JTowns are like. Definitely not like before.
A good friend of mine is currently trying to raise money to build a gym in Little Tokyo (Budokan project) but is struggling. He told me that one of the main reasons people aren’t donating is because they aren’t familiar with the area. While the end of the baby boomers hung out in LA JTown, The Gen X, Y, Z and millennials never did and why would they want to give to something they didn’t know. They would rather give to their local school vs Jtown, just because its familiar to them. Let’s not let that happen here! Get involved and help us keep JTown fresh.
In last month’s article, I mentioned the reason I titled the article part I is because I’d forget to thank someone and I did….I guess it was a self-fulfilling prophecy but anyway….I’d like to thank the Jtown Community and shops. Whenever we have a raffle or event, you can always count on them donating something. I really appreciate it as I know they get hit up from not only the temple but from all the temple orgs like scouts, BWA, Judo….You are all a very generous group and I appreciate it.
I’d also like to thank all the Sangha members for their generous and heartfelt comments of support during my tenure. I was recently asked by a group of folks on how they could change the Board bylaws so I could stay on “like in the old days.” I told them the rules are in place for the right reasons but appreciated their gesture. This is what I’m going to miss the most, the connections, relationships and genuine feedback from the Nisei’s.
As I pass the gavel to Dennis, I’m very comfortable that I’m passing on a Board that is in better shape than I received it. And what I mean by that is, I hope I have continued the good work that Janice Doi started and have put in place some levels of process and infrastructure that will help the Board continue to evolve in the right direction.
Thanks for reading and a big Thank You, Mahalo and Arigato for allowing me to be your Board President.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama, Your temple president