Thank you and goodbye….Part 1

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After 2 years of serving as your President, I will term out after December. I really didn’t realize this until recently but understand why these policies are put in place. As I was reminded of this policy, I had a flashback to my 6th grade history class and the term limit lesson. Funny how little memory bits are triggered and what is recalled….anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Sangha members for being so friendly and welcoming. I still recall promising to remember everyone’s name but this is one area where I didn’t quite succeed.
I’d specifically like to thank the Wednesday lunch crew, Lee, Marlene and Bob, Al, Stan, Bob, Sally, Sensei Sakamoto, Deborah and Mrs Aso and anyone else who I missed. Now I understand when people would tell me that I needed to attend the Wed Lunches. These folks have been supporting the temple for many many years and their advice and guidance was key to my success. I’d also like to thank our hard working office staff, Robin, Cindy, Diane, Bonnie and Randy. When I started, I think it was a bit of a shock to them, as I was in the office quite often and always wanted things done yesterday. After so many years in the Tech industry, I only knew one speed. I quickly learned the Temple moved at a slower pace but was always pushing our staff to get things done faster so we could move onto the next thing we needed. As you may be aware, that list is long and overdue but the Staff does the best to work through it all.
Thank you to the Board and Rinban for being so patient with me, as I really wanted to get a bunch of things done very fast. I think I’ll be handing over a Board that has a little more processes embedded, a little more of a financial view point and strategies that will ensure our Temple and membership are here for decades to come.
Rev Sakamoto-what more can I say about him. He is so down to earth and truly lives the Aloha Buddha’s spirit every day. If you haven’t had a chance to sit down and chat with him, you definitely need to. He is wiser beyond his years and has a ji-chan way about him but he isn’t that old  He really helped me manage my transition from industry to leading the Board. ( I was going to say he had a father like characteristic but father’s always had to keep their kids in check while a ji-chan would let his grandkids get away with a few more things) We would sit and chat about all things from Star Trek to living a compassionate life to Tequila to differences in Buddhism between the west and Thailand. I really enjoyed sitting and have a few drinks with him too. Good times.
I’m sure none of this will stop but just wanted to let the Sangha know that we are very lucky to have such dedicated people supporting the Temple. There are times we take things for granted and that’s human nature and its ok but every once in a while we need to be reminded. Next time you’re in the office, pls say thank you to these folks.
I’d also like to thank my Wife Fran and my family. This job can be very consuming at times but equally rewarding. There were many times that I had comm meetings, while I should have been at my kids basketball games/practices or at least home for dinner or helping with homework. Fran managed all of this and am thankful. I’m not sure my kids will enjoy me being around as much because I’m the homework and chores enforcer at home
If you’re wondering why I put Part 1 in the title, it’s because I know I’ll forget a few people to thank or want to add something next month. Thanks for reading.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama, your Temple President