September 2015 Annex renovation Update

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Staying with the theme of ‘Are you ready?’, the renovation project will be starting soon. The original start date was supposed to be mid-August but due to a few personnel changes at our Architecture firm and a couple of permit drawing corrections, it has pushed the start date into late September or early October. All parties are aware of the hard construction end date of early June and all schedules reflect this date. We will sign our contract in a few weeks and that will lock in the schedule and costs which will be a big milestone for us.
We just hosted the Japantown Business Association’s 125 anniversary of the SJ Japantown that featured our very own Chidori Band. It was another reminder that our gym/annex is a Community center for Jtown and not just for the Church. For those of you that are part of any Jtown organizations, please encourage them to donate to the project as we need everyone’s help to make it to the $5M. We will also entertain naming rights for some donations. I’d also like to thank Al Hironaga, the expanded EcoShanga comm and the rice bowl comm for hosting the “Changing seasons on the Masumoto Family farm” documentary film. This was a huge success and attracted a big crowd of temple and non temple members. I think it’s because everyone is or was connected to farming at some point in our lives. The movie was great (and made me a little homesick) and the rice bowl dinner was tasty! Thanks again.
In this month’s newsletter, we are starting a new ‘feature’ on the Generations page. We want to share people’s stories of why the church is important to them, why they donated to the project or why they are part of the Generations project. It’s kind of an open mike for folks to share their experiences and such. If you’re interested, pls let me know.
Let me kick this off and tell you a story about the power of networking. I was writing a thank you note to one of our donors that happened to be a friend of mine. I was pleasantly surprised that he made a donation as he hasn’t been in the area for a few years. Well, a few days after he got the Thank you note, he texted me to tell me that his friend had told him about the Generations project and was a good cause and he should donate. It was through this conversation that made him donate. It wasn’t a Generations committee member or a temple member, it was someone who heard about the campaign and took it upon themselves to spread the word. Once I found this out, I got her contact info and sent her a thank you card too. These are the types of stories that amaze me. People are hearing about the project, understand the importance of the renovation and sharing it with friends and family. In this case, these folks are several degrees away from the Temple….simply amazing!!!
Thanks for reading and see you soon.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama, your temple president