President’s Message

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The Temple lost a very special person when Mas Horiuchi passed away last week. He served on the Board, was a Komon member, a Dharma School teacher, helped plan our annual Golf tournament and was always hanging around the church, helping out where he could. Mas and Bob Terasaki were fixtures in the office and were always there when you needed anything. Whether it was a hand to carry something or just someone to talk story with, he was always there. He was one of the most welcoming and genuinely nice people I knew. Don’t get me wrong, he would give me a hard time from time to time and would shake his head at me, when I was trying to do too much. He was very instrumental in keeping me on the Board. I knew when he was around, we would get things done quickly and to the point. He didn’t say too much but when he did, I listened. I had gotten to know Mas at the Wednesday volunteer lunches and I knew he had daughters but never really thought about it until he received an award at the Yu Ai Kai dinner and his family was there. His daughter Lisa and I had gone to school together and when I saw her, I asked “what are you doing here?” and she replied, “My dad is getting an award.” I said Holy cow and Mas started laughing at me and said, I knew that. What a small world. He will be missed by many and remembered by all.
A big thanks to the Roofing crew that replaced the roof on the little cottage. Steve Onishi rallied George Yamaichi, Stu Yamatake, Keith Kadokura, Bob Uenaka, Mr Hanada (and yes, he did get up on the roof), Jason Yamada and myself to help out. It’s like getting that call to help someone move, you want to help out but you know it’s gonna be a lot of work but you say yes anyway because you know that guy would help you out in any situation. Its always about friends.
On a lighter note, I have received so many positive comments on my article last month and just wanted to say Thank you, Arigato, Merci Bo coup, Mahalo for reading my articles. I enjoy writing them and am very appreciative that folks read it, are entertained and hopefully get something out of it. I’m going to miss this. Thanks again.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama, you temple President