President’s article for September, 2016

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Have you heard about the Betsuin’s “Mind the Gap” drive? Here’s what that means. We have a gap between how much money you and other supporters have thus far generously donated for Generations Phase 1 (the annex seismic retrofit and remodeling) and the $5.4 million project pricetag. Because we have to pay the final construction bills this month, we will be using part of the line of credit from Union Bank temporarily to fill the gap.

Our task now is to “Mind the Gap” and generate enough money between now and the end of the year to repay the bank. The more favorable financial terms we currently have with the bank are expected to change after Dec. 31, meaning higher payments. The goal is to erase the gap by Jan. 1.

We believe the temple can attain that goal! Since the Generations campaign began in late 2014, we have averaged a little more than $75,000 a month in donations. For the last several months, the donations have exceeded $100,000 per month. If we continue that pace for the next four months, we estimate we should erase the debt by the end of the year.

Please help us in this last part of the Generations Phase 1 fundraising. We’re almost there! Please do what you can to help.


Annex Reopening Ceremony


Please join us for the official reopening ceremony that will start at 10:45 a.m., Sept. 11 in front of the Annex. We are combining the ceremony with the annual Organization Day, when you can get information about our many organizations. There will also be refreshments.

Many of you saw the annex during Obon. But on Sept. 11, you will see that more work has been done. Last month, the new glass basketball backboards and new stage curtain were scheduled to be installed (about the time I’m writing this).

I hope to see you there on September 11!


ABA Rummage Sale

Congratulations to the Adult Buddhist Association for once again putting on a first-class rummage sale! By all accounts, there were more items for sale and more customers than the previous year. When I stopped by in the late morning, there were dozens of people shopping. I understand that for the first hour or so, the crowd was so large, it was hard to walk around without bumping into someone. It’s an impressive undertaking, and I really applaud ABA members for working so hard every year on this event.


In Gassho,

Dennis Akizuki