The following is some background information on our two ministers for the San Jose Betsuin. They both also write articles for our monthly newsletter, The Dharma. You can also read their published articles online.

Rinban Kenshin Fujimoto

Rinban Fujimoto is our head minister beginning on January 15, 2006. Fujimoto Sensei was most recently the resident minister at the Buddhist Church of Lodi. He has been a BCA minister since 1977 after graduating from Ryokoku University in Kyoto Japan with a MA in Shinshu Studies. The Rinban also has a BS in Economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Reverend Gerald Sakamoto

Reverend Sakamoto has been with San Jose Betsuin since 1986. He brings a high level of energy and focus on youth. As a former Eagle Boy Scout, Reverend Sakamoto is very supportive of and active in the Scouting programs at the Temple and at the national level of the BCA. Sakamoto Sensei is also the resident technology advocate and he incorporates many new tools in his work.