Obon…Obon…its Festival time!!

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Obon is right around the corner and everyone is gearing up for it. Every year, it amazes me how we transform the temple, feed thousands of people, put all the entertainment together and get everyone ready to dance in such a short time. I know there are hundreds of volunteers behind the scenes and many dedicated folks leading them. My very special thank you to Jim McClure for being the Obon Chair again, If it wasn’t for your leadership and commitment, we couldn’t pull it off. Let us also take a moment to remember what Obon is really about and that’s to remember those who have pasted. Whether it’s a friend, family or someone you knew, recall a fun time with that person and pay homage. Once you’ve done that, then go out and post the Obon flyer on fb, call your friends and have some fun. I love the Obon’s as I will always run into someone I haven’t seen in years.
As many of you are aware, Obon is the Temples largest fundraiser. The portion of the profits will go towards sustaining the church’s day to day operations and the balance to the Generations building fund. While our hope is eventually allocated 100% to the building fund, our membership dues do not cover our day to day costs. This is why we are trying to increase the membership, specifically targeting those families that are involved in the church’s organizations but not members. If you know someone who isn’t a member but belongs to a church org like Scouts, please encourage them to join.
A few weeks ago, I was back home in Fresno attending my Uncle’s one year memorial service and Rev Alan Sakamoto gave the dharma lesson about the word Isogashi, which means ‘to be busy’. He broke down the Hiragana meanings and talked about how people may say they’re busy but typically use this word as an excuse to get out of something. It made me reflect upon how I need to set the right priorities to make sure I won’t have to say isogashi when I really am not. With Obon upon us and the need for volunteers, I’m hoping all of you set the right priorities and will help out.
Thanks for listening to me and as always, if you have a question feel free to send me an email.
In Gassho,
PS-we will have the campus drawings in the SJBC Board booth. Feel free to drop by and see them.