March Infrastructure update

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I’m very pleased to announce that we will start the Annex Renovation this year!!! We have risen $3M dollars to date which puts us at 75% towards our ‘current’ goal but more on that later. We were able to achieve this milestone with the generous $500K donation from the Takeo and Miyoko Yuki Family donation. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m very humbled with the Generosity of our Sangha. We must continue to raise money so we can complete as many features as can but we wanted to give all the church organizations as much runway to find alternate locations for their 2015-16 events. Thanks to Steve Onishi and Mary Sasaki for starting a preliminary move out and storage plan.
Let me follow up on my earlier comment regarding our current fundraising goal of $3.8M. Over the past year, the construction industry has boomed. This is evident from all the building cranes in the Valley and the new Apple space ship campus. Given this success, our construction costs have also seen an increase by approx. 20%. Our team has met several times with the Architect and General Contractor to find areas to cut costs and have been mildly successful, as we don’t want to cut any key items, however there is a good chance that we won’t be able to fund or build the new glass lobby. This is due to the rising costs and the SJ city historical dept does not think it fits or compliments the Hondo architecture. We still have time to find more opportunities but have realized that our total project costs will go up over the $4M mark. As mentioned in past updates, we included a 5-7% inflation rate but not the 20% the industry drove. Again, we need to keep fundraising and appreciate everyone’s participation.
On a recent trip to Fresno, we were at the Temple for a family event and ran into a group of folks as they finished their Central Cal district mtg. I knew several of them and as we were catching up, the topic of our project came up. They were very impressed with the speed and amount we have raised and also mentioned that we are the talk of the BCA. One mentioned that they were at a BCA meeting and it came up and everyone had favorable comments. I was very proud of this but quickly let them know it’s the families that have gotten us here with a little help from the Board.
Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama