June Gym/Annex renovation update

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We made good fundraising progress during the month of May by bringing in over $100K and a large part of that is due to the Yuki Matching program, however we are still approx. $900K short of our $4M goal. I have asked the Board to personally raise $25-30K with the hope that if all 25 Board members and Reverends do this, we can hit out goal. We also need your help, if you have donated and know someone who hasn’t, please ask them or let me know and I’ll call them. I really want to get this renovation done the right way and not have to do this again later.
As mentioned last month, the remaining items left to fund are: Air Conditioning, Electrical, Finish work and some acoustical treatments. These are all key items that will make our Annex and events much more comfortable and nice. If we don’t get the funding, we will cut these items from the scope.
As we gear up for Obon, please take a moment to do some organizational housekeeping and throw away anything you don’t need, have been storing for years but not used or donate to Good Will. This will reduce the amount of things we need to put in storage during construction and therefore reduce the overall cost. Steve Onishi is doing a great job of organizing the move. The current plan is to use some of the Church clean up manpower to help move out of the gym and annex. Since we don’t have to clean up we can use these folks to help move stuff.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama