It’s Obon time!!

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Wow, July is already here and Obon is right around the corner. This is our #1 fundraiser for the year and proceeds go directly to the daily operations and the Generations Capital Campaign. I know I mentioned this last month but a huge thanks to Jim Mclure and all of the Obon committee chairs and members. If it wasn’t for them, our Temple could not sustain itself. Really, if we didn’t have obon then we wouldn’t be able to offer all the great programs at the Temple like Scouting, Food Sorting for Seniors, Judo and most importantly keeping our Ministers happy, sheltered and mobile to name a few. We wouldn’t be able to keep the lights on, the stoves cooking or the Heater on. We rely on Obon more than you think. It also helps us keep our membership dues the same too. So please spread the word about Obon and let’s have another great event.
I have always loved Obon. I look forward to seeing people I haven’t seen in years, meeting new ones and also to remember those who we lost. This was a lesson I learned at a very young age, when my Ojichan on my Dad’s side and my Obachan on my Mom’s side both passed away within a week of each other. That summer, my Dad announced that we are ALL dancing this year in honor of their parents. My Dad usually didn’t make such big demands (while actually he did but it was only to me) but this time he did. No Monku’ing, learn all the dances to show your respect. Of course we did it and I’ll never forget after the dancing was over, how so many people came up to my parents and were so impressed that the entire family danced together. My Dad was very proud of us that night but in true Nisei form, he just bought us a soda and gave us the ‘ok’ look and we went our merry way.
I’m also very excited this year because I’ve been asked to dance on the small Yagura. What an Honor!!! I’ll be dancing with all my relatives that have passed, helping me remember all the steps and moves. I know I’ll miss a few steps here and there but it won’t matter because I’m not up there for me or the recognition but for my Mom because that’s what Obon is about.
Have a great time, help out and be proud of our efforts. Thanks for reading.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama