Infrastructure Update Aug 2015

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A huge thanks to Steve Onishi for managing the Move out process and working with the Church clean up crews to make sure the Annex is ready for construction and purged for all the unused items. I was at the Temple on Tuesday and saw many of the areas already cleaned up.
I hope many of you saw the ‘HELP!!” banner at Obon.
We need your help!!!
Please DONATE so we can seismically retrofit our J-Town community gym and continue to provide safe facilities for these and other events:
Obon Festival *** Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts *** Judo Nikkei Matsuri *** CYS Pancake Breakfast and Dance Bonsai *** JAMs Winter Boutique *** Kendo***Yu Ai Kai Keiro Kai/Mochitsuki/Crab Feed ***Chidori Band ***Day of Remembrance *** J-Town Emergency Shelter
To donate, go to
We’re trying to make folks aware that the Annex is a community center for Jtown and not just for the Temple. When you’re out there with your friends or relatives, pls let them know that many other organizations use our facilities (and at a reduced rate sometimes) for their events, fundraisers, celebrations, concerts, performances. It will be interesting to see what our organizations will do this coming year with respect to their events. I hope they all take advantage of the generosity of Mt View Buddhist Temple in offering their facility for our groups to use. I also hope they will also be thankful and appreciate the facilities we have too. Folks usually don’t realize what they have until its gone…..
I also wanted to give everyone an update on the construction cost situation. We have met with our contractor, Vance Brown VB and they informed us that we should be prepared for another 15-20% cost increase due to the booming construction and business economy. This could potentially take the project up to $5M. We still have an opportunity to negotiate the costs and have taken several large items out already. The good news is the Air Conditioning for the multi purpose room, classrooms and kitchen was included in the original costs. This means its will only take another $96K and NOT $200K to cool the gym. We are going to try and negotiate this into our budget, so wish us luck. I know some are saying ‘let’s just delay and wait for the costs to go down” but there’s no telling when the economy will correct itself and in the meantime the costs will continue to rise. VB has already forecasted a 15-20% inflation rate for 2016, which equates to a $500K addition if we wait a year. The other reason we want to move forward is we want to seismically upgrade the annex and make it safe for our Sangha. The recent Hayward earthquake was a reminder that we need to get this done.
Thanks for reading.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama
Board President