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K. Ken Fujimoto
This world is one of constant change. We point to this reality frequently in our services. The main concern is in the changes of the human condition, but changes are everywhere, including our temple. Every so often there is a need to explain and discuss some changes that will occur in our services. This will especially become important with the construction beginning and the adjustments that will be required because of this.
Housekeeping #1 – This year’s Bodhi Day service will follow our normal Sunday format with a 9:30 AM Dharma School Service and a 10:10 AM Adult English Service, since we do not have a venue to hold a large joint service. This means that there will be no luncheon and no program after the service.
However, this will still be a special service with the emphasis on music this year. We will be introduced to some new gathas developed in Hawaii. This workshop will be led by BJ Soriano from Hilo, a ukulele instructor and integral member of the Hawaii Kyodan Music Department. She will join us to share and teach us some new songs that we should be able to incorporate into our repertoire.
Housekeeping #2 – Our New Year’s Day or Shusho-e Service is usually one of the best attended services throughout the year, with the annex being full. In order to accommodate this potentially large group, we will have two (2) services this year in the hondo. We will have a service at 9:00 AM and at 10:30 AM. We had discussed how we could divide these services, by language, age, alphabetical and so on, but the feeling was that it would be best to leave it up to you to decide which service you would like to attend.
Each service will be pretty much the same and be about an hour in length, but we are leaving a window of about 30 minutes between services so the parking issues can be eased. If you plan on attending the later service, please try not to come until 10:15 or so. Also, if you are attending the earlier service, please plan on leaving the grounds promptly after the service.
Though there may be some problems in deciding which service to attend, it should be nice for everyone to begin the New Year in the hondo, the main sanctuary of our temple.
Housekeeping #3 – In conjunction with the New Year’s Day service, we always have our New Year’s Eve or Joya-e service. In the recent past, there would have been no worries about how to handle this service because attendance has been so sparse, but last year, we were close to having standing room only. Though we were supposed to ring the temple gong 108 times to symbolize the ringing out of the 108 human passions, last year we rang it more than double that. Those who heard the gong and know about our tradition must have thought we had a particularly evil group gathered that night.
We will continue to do this service as in the past few years, but some of the tangential issues are still being developed so please keep looking in the Dharma for updates on any future developments.
Housekeeping #4 – This is actually more of an announcement rather than a housekeeping issue, but on November 15, after our Eitaikyo Services, we will have a Buddhist Name presentation ceremony by Rev. Kodo Umezu, Bishop of our BCA. Sixteen people have completed the course during the summer and have qualified to receive their Buddhist or Dharma name. We have had interviews and names have been selected and they will be formally presented at that time.
Names of the individuals who received their Buddhist names will be listed after the ceremony has been conducted.
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