Housekeeping 2012

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By K. Ken Fujimoto
From the June 2012 edition of The Dharma

As I have mentioned before, there are times that we need to do housekeeping chores to inform people of upcoming events.  This tends to happen just before the summer vacation/Obon season and this year seems to be no different.

Item #1 – Some of you may have heard that there is a Hongwanji Temple in Katmandu, Nepal.  The temple was founded in 2006, and has its roots in a group founded by Hiromichi Mukaibo, a Jodo Shinshu follower.  The minister there, Rev. Sonam Wangdi Bhutia will be here on Sunday, June 3.  We have asked him to speak at the Japanese language service at 2:00 PM and to give a public lecture in English from 3:30 PM.

Rev. Sonam was a Tibetan Buddhist who converted to Jodo Shinshu and went to study at the Chuo Bukkyo Gakuin in Kyoto, Japan to become a Hongwanji minister.  The Chuo Bukkyo Gakuin is one of the schools for the training of ministers administered by the Hongwanji.  Rev. Sonam has sent a number of people there to study since he began actively teaching in Nepal.

Everyone is invited to come and hear either or both of his talks on that day.  Currently, the public lecture is scheduled to be held in the Board Room, but the site may be changed to the Multi-Purpose Room, depending on the amount of interest.

Item #2 – As part of our Buddhist Education program, we are beginning a Movie Club this summer.  This is a pilot program and the idea is for people to gather and watch a movie together and discuss the film from a Buddhist perspective.  This concept arose from an activity held at one of our Coast District Youth Retreats and was well received.

This activity will be open to all ages and no long term commitment will be required.  You can come to this one time or any of the future dates.  You are welcome to bring your own refreshments to share and we only ask that you participate in the discussion after watching the film.

Tentatively, the first movie we will watch will be Up and we will meet on June 24, from 1:30 PM in the Board Room.  Future films to be watched will be selected by the group.  We had been looking at meeting once a month during the summer, but this too will be open for discussion.

Please come with friends and family and enjoy an afternoon watching a movie together and take this opportunity to deepen your appreciation of the Buddha-dharma.

Item #3 – Though the Dharma School will be on vacation after June 10, this does not mean that we discontinue all services.  We will have service each Sunday throughout the summer, except for the weekend of the Obon Bazaar.  The summer services are generally family services so everyone from grandparents to great-grandchildren is welcome to attend and participate.  We will continue the format we started last summer and have a Japanese dharma talk starting at 9:30, joint service from 10:00 AM and English dharma talk following the joint service.

This can be a nice way to begin a Sunday and we hope that many of you can join us for our summer services.