Happy Girls day…get those dolls out and celebrate Hina Matsuri on March 3rd

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Wow, February flew by and we’re heading into March full steam ahead with regards to the Annex Renovation project. We’ve started the General Contractor (GC) interviews and have received the Pre-Construction bids. These are the costs the GC will charge us to run the project. The construction bidding will start later, once we raise enough money. Speaking of fund raising, several organizations have asked if they can donate….the overwhelming answer is YES!! The Generations fund raising campaign is a 5 year project and several organizations are planning to give in a couple of ways: one large donation to kick off the campaign and annual donations from events planned throughout the year.

Good news, the membership committee has submitted a recommendation to the Board to create new membership levels in an effort to attract new families and young adults. After some good discussion, the recommendation was approved. More info to come on this later.

As we get ready to go to the BCA national council in Bellvue, WA, there aren’t any big or political issues that will be voted on with the exception of the budget. I’m a little concerned about the 2014 BCA budget because the first revision we saw was not balanced. As you all know, this is something we all do at home so why shouldn’t they do this at the BCA level. Don’t worry, we’re not going to cause a big showdown like in Washington DC, this was already brought up at the last Coast District Board meeting and we asked our rep to take this back to the BCA and informed him that we will bring this up if the final budget isn’t balanced. Looking forward, I’m already excited about next year’s BCA National Council meeting as the format will be changed. It’s still in the planning stages but it sounds like they will hold break out sessions for churches to have a ‘best practice sharing’ opportunities to share what works and what doesn’t at their churches. I think this is a great idea, as it feels like we have to reinvent the wheel when we face a new situation or process. I also think this will go a long way to bring the churches closer together.

In closing, I’ve been trying to get a ‘pulse of the church’ to see how things are going, what the sangha is interesting in hearing about or just general questions. I’ve been posting stuff on facebook and received some nice comments and likes but would like to cast a ‘wider net’. With that in mind, please send me any questions, comments or concerns to my email: Hanahou2@yahoo.com. I will try to either answer them or create a post on facebook in response. I really want to create an open door policy and find out what the Sangha is interested in. Thanks for listening.

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