Hackathon/Innovation Day

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Registration is closed. Contact ryamanouchi@sbcglobal.net for walk-ins

24 hours

Saturday June 10 11AM – Sunday June 11 11AM



Saturday Schedule

  • 11:00 Kick Off
  • 12:00 Lunch (provided)
  •   5:00 Dinner
  •   9:00 Snack (provided)

Sunday Schedule

  •   8:00 Breakfast (provided)
  • 10:00 Judging
  • 11:00 Awards

At least one team member must be present for Kick Off. After that, team members may come and go as they please throughout the event. Award ceremony is open to spectators.


Here are the ideas we are working on!

  • SJJA Community Web Portal – Bringing the community closer together as an extended family
  • SJ Betsuin Mobile App(looking for iPhone or Android developers)
  • Write a chant-able English version of Juseige
  • SJBC event submit form: One place to submit filers/articles for the Dharma, website, social media, and bulletin boards
  • Something to increase our gatha choices
  • Music group, modeling and gaming and fly fishing group
  • Guidance Map for new members of the Sangha
  • Promote Betsuin
  • Putting the Dharma newsletter on the Betsuin website
  • Create an online form to standardize organization’s annual report submissions(appreciate anyone who can help with online forms)

Register by Sunday June 4 and receive a free event T-Shirt!

Click here to Register online (registration is closed)

or Click here to print registration.

Mail or drop off printed registration forms to Betsuin Office, attn: Mas Nishimura.

Questions? Contact Roy Yamanouchi at ryamanouchi@sbcglobal.net


Q: What are some examples of ideas?

A: A website, a mobile app, registration process, a new class, manpower database, income streams, marketing programs, facility upgrades, a new gatha, a new sutra, new events, new programs, new organizations, social media, volunteer opportunities, board member recruitment


Q: Who can participate

A: Anyone is welcome who has an affiliation with the San Jose Buddhist Church. All ages and abilities. If you are creative with an open mind, we want to see you there! If you are more on the technical side, we need you too! Leaders, or Do-ers, Outgoing or Bashful, we all have ideas and we can all contribute, so get out there and register! We will find something for you to do!


Q: What is the cost

A: Admission is free for everyone plus observers! Food, beverages, and take home gifts are also free for participants who actively work on their project during the 24-hour period and submit a proposal to the judges.


Q: When is the event

A: We will start Saturday June 10 at 11AM.with a KickOff. Teams are welcome to work for the next 24-hours, and submit their presentations on Sunday June 11 at 10AM. Awards will be presented at 11AM. Please note, exact times are subject to change, but will let you know ahead of time.


Q: Do we have to stay the entire time?

A: No, teams may come as they please, but we ask that at least one representative is present at KickOff, Juding, and Awards


Q: I don’t have an idea or I don’t have a team, can I still participate?

A: Yes! Register anyway, and we will match you up with a team.


Q: How do I join an existing team

A: Click Register, and enter the idea into the field for “What is your idea”. We will inform you of your team mates.


Q: What are the rules

A: The only rule is that your idea must support the Mission of the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin, which is “…to learn and to share the Jodo Shinshu understanding of the Three Treasures-Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.”  We also ask that the majority of your work is done within the 24 hour period (no pre-work).


Q: Will you feed us?

A: Of course, what would a hackathon be without free food and beverages? Depending on the turnout, we may cater, otherwise we will figure out an alternative plan to place a to-go order from somewhere local.


Q: What do I get out of this?

A: The satisfaction of knowing your voice/idea will be heard. Also, hopefully you get to meet up with some like-minded individuals with great ideas!


Q: What is the prize?

A: This is a work in progress, but we aim to award a cash prize in an amount yet to be decided to further develop your idea.


Q: I want to donate to the event, or towards the cash prize, can I?

A: Absolutely! We are looking for both volunteers and donors. Please reigster and indicate in “Notes”


Q: Will it be fun?

A: Of course it will be fun. The more the merrier. Join us!