Go Warriors and Sharks …

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Todd Tsudama

May is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is getting nicer (although we’ve been really lucky this year), the NBA and NHL Playoffs are in full swing and the Warriors and Sharks are playing well. As you can tell from my recent Dharma letters, I’m a big sports fan. I love watching sports and especially the playoffs. It’s no longer about the individual but the team. In fact, one night my boys and I were talking about what makes a good team and the word Dana came up. I asked what he meant and he said …” If everyone plays together and selflessly, then everyone comes out on top.” I thought this was awesome!! Definitely a ‘modern’ application of what Dana is. I guess the Boy Scout Metta and Sangha classes are sinking in…thanks Sensei Sakamoto.

Speaking of Selfless giving, the Board has approved several new membership levels to address feedback we have received from our Sangha. Over the past year, we have reached out to current and prospective members to understand why they have joined or why they haven’t. For those who joined the church, here’s a summary of the reasons:

  1. My family has always been a member of the church
  2. My kids are in scouts and dharma school
  3. I need/want to support the church and its activities

Here are the reasons why people didn’t join:

  1. I didn’t know I was supposed to
  2. I’d have to give up my gym membership to pay for my church membership
  3. Why should I join? I can attend dharma school for free

The Membership committee has been working hard to figure out ways to attract new members and will send out an update next month with details on the new membership levels. As you may know our membership dues pay for our day to day operational costs and we need to ensure our membership levels match the services we provide. One way to do this is to ensure people who participate in church organizations and reap the benefits provided by the church also join the church. Also, $107 of each members dues goes directly to the BCA to help pay for services/operations. While this Dharma letter goes out to current members, if you have family members, siblings, cousins or friends who are in Scouts, Judo, Kendo or any church org and are not church members, please encourage them to join.

Thanks for reading and feel free to send me an email with any comments, concerns or questions.

In Gassho,


PS-Go Warriors and Go Sharks!!!