Generations campaign update November 2016

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We need your help and let’s retire the debt together!!! Mind the Gap!

2 months and counting and need to raise ~$380K so we can enter into 2017 with no debt.  September and October have been really slow months and have only raised $30K/month vs the $100k/month target.  The clock is ticking and need the Sangha’s help so we can enter into 2017 with no debt and get the ball rolling on Phase II or the Education/Lotus bldg. project.

Thanks to those who have made their lifetime donation and I look forward to see many more. Please take advantage of the yearend tax benefits and get your donation in before 12/31.

As part of our long term financial education series, Ben Wong CFP was our most recent speaker. We hosted a ‘interview’ style presentation and thanks to Joyce Iwasaki, we created a ‘living room’ atmosphere to make a comfortable environment to listen and ask questions. After talking to a few folks, they really liked Ben’s style and presentation. If you haven’t attended one, stay tuned for the next one. The Generations committee is providing this service to our Sangha for multiple reasons: 1) to help educate our Sangha 2) provide vetted resources to our sangha to utilize 3) encourage our Sangha to include the temple in their legacy plans.

In closing, we are in the home stretch and need your help. Have a conversation with your family during the thanksgiving holiday, to make that lifetime donation or family donation. If you’ve given already, pls encourage others to donate (check the donor listing to see if your friends and family have joined you to support the temple)  Have a happy and safe holiday.

Thanks for reading.

In Gassho,

Todd Tsudama-Generations committee chair