A History of the EcoSangha, by Karen Akahoshi

Karen Akahoshi, chairperson, founded the San Jose Betsuin EcoSangha Committee in 2008.  A mission statement & facility use guidelines were written & approved by the Betsuin board.  The inaugural Betsuin Earth Day was held on May 3, 2009.  The Earth Day guest speaker, Rev. Don Castro of the Seattle Betsuin & founder of EcoSangha at Seattle University in early 2008, inspired us with these words: “To be a Buddhist is to be both an ecologist and conservationist.”  Permission from Rev. Castro allowed the committee to use the same name, EcoSangha, as well as their EcoSangha logo.


EcoSangha Committee 2013 Annual Report:



EcoSangha Committee 2010 Annual Report:

EcoSangha Annual Report