June 2013 Board Bullets

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Betsuin Board Bullets

June 06, 2013 Betsuin Board of Directors Meeting

by Joyce Iwasaki

The intent of the Betsuin Board Bullets is to highlight Board actions, decisions, special events and projects.  Please contact the Betsuin board officers, directors, or the ministers for more details on any item.

The temple received a photo book and two DVDs, Aratana Hajimari (A New Beginning) about the 750th Shinran Shonin Memorial events throughout Japan and the world, from the Hongwanji.  The book was passed around at this meeting and will be available in the Betsuin office for others to see.  It will eventually be shelved in the Betsuin library.

Due to a lack of a quorum, an official meeting was not called, but reports and presentations were made.

  • Correspondence

Rev Dr Kenji Akahoshi sent a thank you letter for being invited as the guest speaker at the English Gotan E services.

A copy of a thank you letter sent by the Betsuin (dated June 05, 2013) to Kleen-Rite Pressure Washer for their $200 in-kind donation for repairs and labor for our pressure washer.

  • Presentation - Rebecca Sparks

Rebecca Sparks is seeking a master’s degree in Anthropology at Sacramento State University.  Her research is entitled “Dana and Sangha: Giving, Volunteering and Community within the Buddhist Churches of America.”

For her thesis, she is asking to Board and sangha to support her research by allowing her to interview San Jose sangha members, to have access to archival materials and to be allowed to access appropriate books and other written documents for her project.

The Board encouraged Rebecca to submit an article about her project in the Dharma newsletter.

  • Minister’s Report – Rinban Fujimoto

Rev Dr Kenji Akahoshi was the guest speaker at the May 19, 2013 English Gotan E services and Rev Hakubun Watanabe, BCA Minister Emeritus, was the guest speaker at the Japanese language service.

Candice Shibata, an IBS student, was the guest speaker at the June 02, 2013 Baccalaureate service as well as at the Dharma School service.

Rev Yukiko Motoyoshi of Stockton will be the guest speaker at the July 21, 2013 Obon service.

Hatsubon service will be held on Saturday, July 20, 2013.

Rev Koyama officially finished his commitment at the Mountain View Temple at the beginning of June to begin his assignment at the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple.  Rev Yushi Mukojima, currently at the San Diego Temple, will begin his assignment at the Mountain View Temple on August 01, 2013.

  • Betsuin Insurance Policy – Janice Doi

Janice Doi and Rinban Fujimoto met with Mary Jo Gleaves of J. Morey Company to review the Summary of Insurance.

The San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin insurance policy includes:

Commercial package

Commercial auto

Commercial umbrella

Workers’ compensation

This summary was handed out to the Board members.  The complete coverage information is located in the Betsuin Office for those seeking more detail.

  • Special Events Report- Steve Ichinaga

Steve Ichinaga is forming a committee to plan a reception for Rev Dr Kenji Akahoshi for his upcoming assignment to a BCA temple.

  • Facilities Report – Steve Onishi

The Board is in charge of coordinating Church Clean up this year.

  • Obon Report – Jim McClure

Jim McClure attended the Board meeting to give the Obon report

The Obon Committee may allow booth space to the Consul General of Japan’s office again this year depending on the materials and information to be presented.


The Obon Committee will provide booth space for information on the Betsuin renovation project.