Betsuin Board Bullets

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Betsuin Board Bullets
September 04, 2014 Betsuin Board of Directors Meeting
by Joyce Iwasaki

The intent of the Betsuin Board Bullets is to highlight Board actions, decisions, special events and projects. Please contact the Betsuin Board officers, directors, or the ministers for more details on any item.


It was moved/seconded/passed to accept the August meeting minutes as corrected.

It was moved/seconded/passed to approve the Japantown Business Association’s request to offer a sponsorship status to the Betsuin for the October 31st Halloween Night event. In this agreement, the Betsuin will provide space and electricity in the south parking lot for a movie night. Time requested for this event is from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

It was moved/seconded/passed to open a Union Bank Preferred Savings account to compliment the Betsuin’s current checking account to maximize a better return on portions of the cash on hand.

Ministers Report – Rinban Fujimoto

Tuesday Night Study class resumes on September 9th with discussion and introduction. This term, the focus will focus on other schools of Japanese Buddhism with different speakers from their tradition. The first speaker is Dr. Richard Payne of the Institute of Buddhist Studies speaking on Shingon Buddhism.

The 2:00 Sunday Japanese language services will take place in the nokutsudo.

Fall Ohigan Service is on Sunday, September 21st.

The Coast District Dharma School Activity Day is on Sunday, September 28th.

Pet Memorial Service is on Sunday, October 12th.

The Betsuin received a note of appreciation and a book from the family of Mr. Ito, the artisan from Japan who refurbished our onaijin pieces. The book contains reflections by Mr. Ito during his two year struggle withd cancer. Upon his death, the temple sent koden. The note and book was sent by Mrs. Ito in appreciation of Mr. Ito’s relationship with the temple.

Annex Renovation / Generations Fundraising Reports – by Todd Tsudama

Please read Todd’s renovation / construction and fundraising updates in another section of this Dharma.

Human Relations Committee Report – Janice Doi

The HR Committee has been working on a privacy policy. A DRAFT of this document was passed out at this Board meeting for review and comments.

Budget and Finance Committee Report – Ted Nakano

The Budget and Finance Committee announced a “Donation Payable Advisement” reminder for checks specifically for Betsuin donations/payments. All donors are to make checks payable to “San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin.” Checks made out to “SJBC”, “SJBCB”, “Generations”, or any other payee will not be accepted by the bank.