Betsuin Board Bullets

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Betsuin Board Bullets
San Jose Betsuin Board of Directors Meeting
November 06, 2014

submitted by Joyce Iwasaki

The intent of the Betsuin Board Bullets is to highlight Board actions, decisions, special events and projects. Please contact the Betsuin board officers, directors or the ministers to for details on any item.

The November Board Meeting was dedicated to the Annual Board Planning session. The President, Ministers, Vice Presidents, and Committee Chairs shared information in their specific areas to report on strategy/goals, roles/responsibilities, and top three projects. The intent of this session was to share current information within the Board as well as to serve as a platform to move forward during the upcoming year.

Board business was conducted through written reports.


It was moved/seconded/passed to accept the October meeting minutes as corrected.


A thank you letter along with a $200 donation was sent by the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple for the use of the Betsuin’s ochigo items for its 100th anniversary observance.

Ministers’ Report – Rinban Fujimoto

Bodhi Day Service is scheduled for December 07, 2014. The guest speaker in Mr. Brian Nagata, Manager of the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai, Buddhist Propagation Society (BDK). Brian is an active member of the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) and will speak on BDK’s efforts to introduce the Buddha-dharma worldwide.

The Coast District Young Buddhist Association (CD YBA) is planning a Winter Retreat on December 12-13, 2014 at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple. The focus of this retreat is to continue planning for the CD YBA conference in March 2015.

Annex Renovation / Generations Fundraising Reports – Todd Tsudama

Please read Todd’s renovation/construction and fundraising updates in another section of this Dharma.

Betsuin Town Hall Meeting is set for Thursday, December 04, 2014 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the annex. Topic: Capital Campaign and the Building Project. Open to the public.

Membership – Dennis Akizuki

2015 Membership Pledge Booklets, 2015 Calendars, and a three-question survey will be mailed to Betsuin Members.

New members can obtain membership information on the Betsuin website and in the Betsuin office.

New membership opportunities are available at various levels: student, young adult, and young family. General membership opportunities continue to be available. Updates and level explanations can be found in the November issue of the Dharma (page 14).

Membership dues contributions go toward operations.