April Annex/Gym Renovation Update

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I wanted to follow up on our announcement to start the Annex and Gym renovation project this year. We are starting for the following reasons:
1) Given the booming economy, the Board felt we can ‘buy’ more construction with the current dollars we have today vs waiting until we have the entire amount and potentially see the costs go up another 20%.
2) We have enough money to complete the key safety and security items which is the key purpose of this project.
3) Give our SJBC Organizations plenty of time to plan for alternate locations for their 2015-16 events.
Since the announcement, I have rec’d many questions on why we are starting this year without the all of the money. Hopefully the above items will help everyone understand why we made this decision. We are also hoping the balance of our $4M+ will come in over the next several months but the donations have slowed down a bit. If you haven’t donated yet, pls consider donating $10K or more to the project.
One other question I’ve rec’d a lot is regarding donor recognition. We are planning on have a donor ‘tree’ in the lobby of the renovated Annex/Gym. Each donor will have a ‘leaf’ inscribed as the donor wishes. Several other ideas have been discussed like donor bricks but we haven’t gotten there yet.
We are 3 months away from the Commit date with our General Contractor and will need to let them know what features we want to include in the renovation, so pls give as much as you can so we can build as planned.
Thanks again.
In Gassho,