Hackathon/Innovation Day

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24 hours

Saturday June 10 11AM – Sunday June 11 11AM



Saturday Schedule

  • 11:00 Kick Off
  • 12:00 Lunch (provided)
  •   5:00 Dinner
  •   9:00 Snack (provided)

Sunday Schedule

  •   8:00 Breakfast (provided)
  • 10:00 Judging
  • 11:00 Awards

At least one team member must be present for Kick Off. After that, team members may come and go as they please throughout the event. Award ceremony is open to spectators.


Join an existing team! The following ideas need your help!

  • SJJA Community Web Portal – Bringing ...
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In Buddhism, Dana (Dah-nah) is selfless giving.

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On January 29, we observed Dana Day by honoring 19 volunteers who have given much to the temple. They exemplify the spirit, commitment and effort that keeps the temple vital and successful.

I’d like thank the 19 honorees: Shelley Hatakeyama, Lee Ikegami, Stephen Inoue, Jenny Inouye, Elaine Jones, Keith Kadokura, Patty Kaneda, Bill Kawakami, Kazue Kawasaki, Lisa Kobayashi, Larissa Lai, Michael Mori, Lori Nakajima, Janice Oda, Sumi Tanabe, Todd Tsudama, Lillian (Lee) Uyeda, Richard Yamaguchi, Roy Yamanouchi. We appreciate all that ...

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One Community

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G Sakamoto

I was asked to speak in support of the Santa Clara County Supervisor’s resolution condemning President Trump’s Executive Order entitled “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorists Entry into the United States”. On February 7, I read a portion of the statement below before the Board of Supervisors.

It was an interesting day. I understood that the resolution would be presented at around 10:00 so I planned to arrived at the county building by 9:30. Anyone can speak before the board ...

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Smiling or Snarling?

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K. Ken Fujimoto

Due to the BCA National Council Meeting being held here in the beginning of March, this article may not seem timely, but I do need to get an early start.  I have noticed that when I need to get an early start, I usually write about things that I knew or talked about in the past that I have come to see as having deeper or more meaning than I had originally thought.

Along those lines, I was thinking ...

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