Annex renovation update October 2015

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We had a great month on the fundraising front and continue to average $75K/month. If we keep this pace up we will finish the Phase I campaign around $4.7M vs a $5M goal and therefore only have to use a small portion of the $1M line of credit. This is good news, as I understand how hard it is to keep up this pace. A big thanks to the Generations committee members (Janice Doi, Joyce Iwasaki, Kevin Kitagawa, Rev Sakamoto and Rinban Fujimoto. We would also like to welcome Dennis Akizuki, Jeffery Ota, Andrew Knaack and Mas Nishimura to the team too) and the Board members who have been calling and meeting with the Sangha to make their donations. Also another big thanks to Deborah Aso and Ted Nakano for keeping the books and making sure all the donations are tracked and accounted for.
The Generations committee has created a SJBC legacy circle. This is to recognize those who have donated through estate planning, wills, trusts or some type of planned giving. We want to recognize those who have past and those who plan to give. If you’re interested in donating to the Temple through a planned giving tool, Janice Doi is organizing several planned giving workshops over the next few months. Stayed Tuned.
We recently had a final bid meeting to review costs and schedule. Unfortunately the costs have gone up again but we are working with the contractors to find out why. Some costs are associated to getting better construction drawing details from the Architect and much of it is from the increasing raw material costs the entire region and industry is seeing due to the construction boom. It’s truly a supply and demand world out there. We have already met for several hours to find ways to bring down the costs without sacrificing too many key features we want. We have several follow up meeting set up to quickly get after this so we can start soon. A preliminary draft schedule has us starting pre-construction prep work in the middle of Oct. I know the $64K question (for those of you that remember that show) is…will it be done in time for Obon 2016 and the answer is…..Yes. The schedule has us finishing on June 10th, several days before the first obon dance practice. I know this is cutting it close and for those who have done projects like this, there are unforeseen things that can make the schedule slip. We are aware of this and have already started discussions regarding weekend work and contingency plans to prevent slips and mitigation plans.
On a lighter note, talk about Karma and how things come full circle. Do you remember last month’s article the ‘power of networking’ story I wrote? Well I was out in Vegas playing in a basketball tournament (yes, I was playing and not my kids and no I didn’t get hurt…anyway I digress) and I met the person who had told my other friend to donate. It was so surreal!! Of all places and to be in the same casino at the same time. We chatted for a long time and found out that she has cousins in the Temple and was active before. Man, what a small world!!
Thanks for reading.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama, your Board President