Annex Renovation update June 2016

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YES YES YES, We are going to make it for Obon. That is by far the #1 question I get and yes, we will be in the bldg. for Obon. In fact, our current plan is to move back in by mid/late June. Due to some long leadtimes, some items will be installed after Obon, like the stage curtains, digital bulletin boards and lobby canopy.
I hope everyone has had a chance to watch the progress video’s posted to the church website. If not, go to my YouTube channel to see them all pictures/video is worth a 1000 words
As we head into the homestretch, all the drywall, acoustical paneling, gym lights (see below) seismic, roofing, framing and AC work has been completed. We are half way done with the interior painting, the Kitchen equipment is being moved back in and the kitchen cabinets and stainless backsplash’s will go in this week. One of the main things we’re working on, is the main Elevator and its going fast, it only took them 4 days to install the entire unit. Most of the tradesmen are finalizing their work so we can complete the painting and start with the finish work. The Bathroom tile work has also started (see below and the floor will not be red, that’s a protective covering) and the flooring will begin the first week of June. This is a good sign, as flooring and site work is usually the last thing to be completed, as they don’t want everyone walking on the new carpet or tiles. We also poured 90% of the concrete for the accessible pathway, breezeway and outdoor kitchen. When we poured the concrete in the front of the gym, I was hoping we could have the Lotus kids put their hand prints in it but they had a field trip on the same day. I was going to push the pour to another day but couldn’t afford to lose a day as other trades were waiting for the concrete to be installed. Maybe they can do it during phase II.

As we get closer to the finish line, one other item looms over us and that’s the bills. We currently still have a $1M gap and have started a ‘avoid the debt’ campaign, to encourage everyone to make a lifetime donation. For example, a $25K donation will pay for the Acoustical paneling that our ministers really wanted, $20K will pay for the security system and surveillance infrastructure, $50K Obon electrical upgrades, $40K for integrated speaker system, $12K for wisteria woodwork….and the list goes on. If you’re interested in donating specifically to any of these items, pls let me know.
With the Nikkei Matsuri $20+K donation, pls also encourage any of your organizations that use our annex to donate as well. Nonprofits can donate to others, as long as it’s in line with their mission. (legal disclaimer-I found this statement on google and am not a tax advisor
Thanks for reading
Todd Tsudama