Annex renovation update December 2015

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It’s time to make your lifetime donation to the Generation’s Campaign and here’s the top 3 reasons why:
1. To help us provide a safe, accessible and nice gathering spot for your kids, grandkids, parents, cousins, friends….We have ALL been to some kind of event, dance, meeting, basketball game or service in the gym. Make that lifetime donation so it’ll be here for the next 50 years with air conditioning!
2. You can write off your Donation. With the end of the year coming up, be sure to donate before December 31st to get your tax benefit.
3. Because it’s the right thing to do. Our grandparents were able to build this gym right after WWII, during a time they were just getting back on their feet and money was hard to come by but they found a way!! Continue that legacy and give to the campaign.
I have a whole bunch of reasons to donate but I’ll spare you the details because I know you know it’s the right thing to do. Thx

We are still on schedule and the demo is almost done. The entire lobby, stairs and storage area is gone. The kitchen is stripped down to concrete and studs. The outdoor kitchen roof is gone. All the acoustical batting has been removed from the gym ceiling and west wall. The partitions between the gym and MP room are gone. Speaking of the partitions, let me take you into the future for a moment and show you a “before/after” pic. The picture on the left is what it looks like now and the one of the right is what it will look like after…

Pretty amazing huh? I know the after pic looks a bit funky but you get the idea. This will vastly improve the way we use the MP room with the gym and increase the flexibility 10x and all of this can be done in less than 5 minutes. Some of you have asked how easy is it to move the partition walls and if my 89 year old auntie (she’s gonna be mad I put her age in there but its for a good cause) can do it, you can too!!
Bottomline is we are still on track and have only encountered a few minor issues. So far so good…knock knock. If you’re interested in doing a quick tour, I will be available (most Sunday’s) after Dharma School services. Meet me in front of the garden.
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to donate.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama –your Board President