Annex renovation update-Dec

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We’re FAMOUS!!! Have you seen the last Nikkei West Newspaper??? The church is on the front page with a huge article on the Generations Capital Campaign!! A huge thank you to John Solomon and Jeff Kimoto from Nikkei West. They reached out to me and asked me if we were interested and I immediately said yes!! I’m hoping this will give our fund raising a big boost by reaching a larger audience.

Speaking of Fund raising, have you seen the updated Thermometer?? Take a moment and go into the gym and see the changes…Several folks thought the Thermometer needed a little more information, so we added the cost of each prioritized renovation feature. As we raise more money, then you’ll know what we can ‘buy’ with that money. I’ll also be posting updates on the SJBC facebook page.

The Fundraising committee is trying to cast a wider net and is getting ready to reach out to the SJBC organizations. Either the VP that represents your organization or someone within your organization will provide a project update and then start a conversation on how you can help out. I know many of you are ready to donate but just haven’t been asked and we want to provide that opportunity.

The Architects and Construction team came by on wed to conduct a construction investigation. They opened up some ceilings and walls to see how the annex was built and of what. The good news is the Annex was built to above standards and codes which will help keep renovation costs at bay when updating the structural portions of the Annex.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, pls let me know.

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