Annex renovation Update August 2016

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So what do you think????
Wow, what a crazy obon!! Record number of dancers and sold out of all the food super early. I felt like I was hosting a big open house after renovating my home. I wanted everything to go well and people to like the building. I admit, I was trying to keep everything clean by cleaning up any spill, telling people to be careful but I finally gave up on Friday, as I knew the building was going to get beat up with over 20,000+ people going through it.
The good news is the building survived with some minor cuts and bruises, we didn’t trip any breakers(which is a first in the 8+ years, I’ve been helping out), the Imagawa yaki booth had to close their gas valve to 50% because they had too much pressure, the bathrooms survived (kinda-the guys know what I’m talking about) and we learned a lot about what improvements we need to do. For example, we need to install floor mats in front of the bathrooms to catch the dirt.
Several folks came up to me with other suggestions and I started a list. It’s up to 3 pages long and I’m working on all of them with the main one being the lobby doors. The items left to be installed are the Basketball hoops, Stage curtains and fix the overhead fans. With that being said, the gym will be closed down again from 8/8-19, as we need to put down the plywood again to protect the gym floor. I appreciate everyone’s patience here.
We’re planning a big grand opening ceremony, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and take care.
In Gassho,
Todd Tsudama