Annex Renovation Project Update = Phase I

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Does anyone know why I put “Phase I” at the end of the title? It’s because the Annex renovation is just the first phase of our multiyear campus renovation plan. Phase II will include the Education bldg. reconstruction but that’s a few year away. Now back to the present….General Contractor: the Board will vote on a proposal to select Vance Brown Inc as our GC. They are the same GC that Mt View Buddhist church used and was very satisfied and happy with their performance.

Many Sangha members have asked me, ‘what are we going to do during construction and will we be able to have our events?” The Infrastructure team is currently looking into multiple options that include the following:

  1. Sharing facilities with other Coast District churches
  2. Renting out a warehouse/bldg.
  3. Relocating smaller functions to 6th st or the Board rooms
  4. Finding alternate facilities like churches, schools or event planning companies to use

Please note that the Church may not fund these options and it will be up to the specific org to pay or help pay for it. For example, based on preliminary costs, option 2 would cost approx. $11,000/month to rent a 7000sq foot warehouse and it wouldn’t even have a kitchen. This would not be a wise use of Church funds.

I hope to make a proposal to the Board very soon, so we can let our organizations know as soon as possible and with enough time to plan.

Fundraising-many people have asked me, “what is this ‘quiet phase’ we keep hearing about?” The quiet phase is the time before you launch the ‘general campaign’ to the masses. It is also the time where you raise a majority of the money. The standard fundraising strategy is you get 75% of the money from 20% of the population or better known as the big donors. We have secured one $500K donor and working on a few more. To date, we’ve raised $1.6M of which $800K was within the last 6 months. I think this is a huge success.

I look forward to your future support and if you have any questions, pls let me know.

In Gassho,