Annex Renovation Project Update-Nov

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We have been meeting with our Architects to finalize design concepts and are on track to receive our final design drawings in late November, early December. These drawings will be the basis of the construction drawings that each sub-contractor will get. These drawings will also include potential ‘phase building’ in the event we do not hit our $3.8M goal. For example, if we only raise $3.3M, we would not do the lobby (this is an Example). Here are the building feature priorities:

  1. Seismic upgrades
  2. ADA accessibility upgrades
  3. Women/Men’s Bathrooms renovation
  4. Kitchen Remodel
  5. New Electrical and Plumbing
  6. New Sewer and Gas lines
  7. HVAC (Air Conditioning)
  8. Lobby renovation

Good News!! Many of you have noticed the Fundraising thermometer in the gym and we are getting ready to make our first change. Donations continue to come in and are excited on the progress.

I wanted to take a second and talk about the $5-10K donation comment I made at the last update. As the fundraising team was going out asking for donations, one of the most common questions was…”how much do you want us to donate?” Our response has always been, “give as much as you feel comfortable with.” Well, this conversation would go around and around and we decided as a committee to give some ‘guidance’ when we get asked this question. We fully understand that each member is in a different situation. Some can give more and some less. There is also a 5 year pledge option and Janice Doi is getting ready to launch a ‘Planned Giving’ seminar with some industry experts.

We are also in the process of expanding our Fundraising committee and are looking for a few good folks to help us out. With a 1,000 member Sangha plus another ~300 nonmembers in affiliated church organizations, our 10 person committee needs some help. If you are interested in helping, pleaase let me know. It doesn’t have to be asking people (but that’s where we need the help the most) but helping to organize events, connect people to the committee and outreach projects.


Todd Tsudama