Annex Renovation project update

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Here’s a brief update and little game for you…

Over the last 30-45 days, we’ve brought in over $72K in donations! This is due to the work of our Board and the general letter that went out.


We had our Generations General Campaign kick off last Sunday at our annual Organization day and first day of Dharma school. The event went over really well and we got the Dharma school kids involved with the fundraising by giving them a ‘change can’ to get donations from folks and from the leftover change they have. 


Over the next month, we are expanding our Fundraising comm to 40 people to extend our reach. We will have an informational mtg and fundraising training session to get these folks up to speed. 


Here’s the game part…If someone can tell me who this quote is from and where you can find it, I will give them $10.

We are extremely grateful for the generous support given our project and I am sure the funds will not have been spent in vain. If the Annex can even help one boy or one girl to the realization of the faith in Nembutsu, the effort will have been well repaid. With the concerted action of all the members of the church, innumerable persons will one day find true refuge, spiritually and physically, from the generosity and sacrifices of those who made possible this annex.”


If you have any questions, concerns or comments or would like to guess at the quote above, pls feel free to email me at


Todd Tsudama