Annex Renovation and Generations Update January 2016

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Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Annex Renovation update

By time you read this, we will have completed approx. 25% of the construction project!! Can you believe it?? Everything is on schedule and within budget. The next big steps are upgrading and replacing the roof and the contractors are just waiting for a stretch of good weather to start. As part of the contract, we will never have the gym floor exposed or unprotected. Basically, what they open up, they will finish that day. The internal seismic upgrades are 25% completed and they have completed the outdoor kitchen slab demo (see pics below). inf1inf2The Electrician has started to install the light and outlet wiring and I think you’re going to like all the new light fixtures we selected. If you’re interested in seeing the color board (which is a Board with sample paint colors, tiles, fabrics for the annex) feel free to check it out. It’s currently in the President’s office (2nd floor of the office) to the right of the door.

Generations Program Update

I hope you were able to make your life donation in Dec to take advantage of the yearend tax benefits. If not, pls do not hesitate to send in your donation. I heard the Legacy Planning workshop hosted by Janice Doi went really well. One of the key messages is, we do not want to compete with your heirs but would like to help reduce what you’ll give to Uncle Sam by including the Temple in your will/trusts. We will schedule a few more of these later in the year, so if you missed it, don’t worry.

November donation fell well below our $75K a month forecast and was a bit disappointed, as we thought it would pick up due to the start of construction. I also understand it’s hard to see the progress and doesn’t look like anything is happening but as you can see from the pictures above; we are well on our way. Please check the SJBC Facebook page for videos. We are also working to add video’s to the SJBC webpage. I’m working with our Architect to create a final drawing/rendering of what the Annex will look like so people can see what they’ll be donating for. Another great opportunity to see what’s going on is the Sunday morning Hard Hat tours. I will typically run them between the Dharma school service and adult service and after the adult service. You will definitely be impressed with all the progress. I hope everyone will help us get this done and make that life donation.

SAVE THE DATE—Super Bowl party fundraiser for the Generations Campaign Feb 7, 2016 at the Mt View Buddhist Temple. We will have a special raffle including the NBA championship Golden State Warriors Tickets.

In Gassho,

Todd Tsudama